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A savory supply of food for thought – a little guidance on a life worth all the considerable bother – an escape clause for the Blue States – a potpourri of unique greeting cards – Ben Franklin at his best – much more!

Walter Issacson

On Poor Richard’s Lament: A re-imagining of Benjamin Franklin you will not soon forget…

Walter Isaacson, Author of Benjamin Franklin: An American Life and Steve Jobs
Michael Zuckerman
On Poor Richard’s Lament: Fitzgerald is that rarest of birds: a great writer and a great soul.

Michael Zuckerman, PhD, History Professor Emeritus, University of Pennsylvania

On Beyond Chicken Soup: How did Tom Fitzgerald get inside my head and know exactly what I needed to be told? A thoughtful and thought-provoking book.

Rabbi Harold Kushner, Author of When Bad Things Happen to Good People

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Friends for Life

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We are massively connected in our time in one sense; massively dis-connected in another. We are massively connected primarily by way of modern communications systems: Internet, iPhone, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,

The Gander-ites vs. the Goose-ites

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Have we balkanized ourselves out of any meaningful notion of nationhood (‘from sea to shining sea’)? Is what is good for the gander-ites in New York State today likely to

Never Again!

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In the aftermath of the Holocaust, in which six million Jews were gassed or starved to death, oaths of moral outrage could be heard around the globe. Never again! The