//A Sad Note

A Sad Note

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When JFK was assassinated, the whole world went into mourning. For the first time ever, the bell on Westminster Abbey tolled for a non-royal. The larger-than-life figure who had given us so many reasons to be hopeful, and proud, had been ripped away from us, like a mother from her children. Neither the man nor the hope, nor the pride, has been restored; and given the trajectory of current affairs, is not likely to be anytime soon.

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  1. Joshua F Sandeman January 10, 2019 at 8:25 pm - Reply

    His and MLK’s assassinations were among the most tragic singular events in recent American history. But they were also reflective of the deep divisions that have long existed in our country, which are reaching new levels of intensity in our present day. While it is unlikely to ever be fully resolved, there is still hope and good things happening. There are no singular leaders, but there are many people doing many things for peace, justice, equality, and prosperity.

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