Kingsley Books


We aspire to enrich the intellectual and spiritual dimensions of our readers through the medium of thoughtfully-conceived; artfully-crafted works of fiction and nonfiction. Our measure of success is the degree to which our readers keep their KB offerings within easy reach so they can refer to them over and over.

Kingsley Books


Our readers are concerned about both the spiritual and secular direction of their world, their country, their families; and themselves. They tend to be tolerant to a fault, fastidiously open-minded, broadly curious, and avid in their pursuit of a life of purpose and meaning. They are eager to discuss what they read, but are generally disappointed in book clubs, which they find to be oriented more toward socializing than discoursing. They are perennially unsure of what to make of the New York Times Book Review, which they tend to experience as being more about the reviewers than about what’s being reviewed.


Our book offerings consist of a set of interrelated titles by Tom Fitzgerald, author of Poor Richard’s Lament, who conceived of Kingsley Books as an alternative to a publishing industry that increasingly seemed to have lost its way. As opportunity avails, KB will publish similar works by similarly motivated authors.

Kingsley Books complements its book offerings with a selection of elegant, wisdom-bearing greeting cards; an annual, patron-populated Almanack; and a host of talks on timely topics.

If our patrons have a point to make, or an idea or insight to share, they may avail themselves of an open invitation to post comments on our blog and / or submit manuscripts to our Almanack.