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Richard the Poorer's Gluten Free Food 4 Though

Back Story – Food 4 Thought

One of the lessons I learned early on as a self-appointed sophist was that to be bound to pontificating on any particular subject, or group of subjects, one had to be bound to a particular medium by which to reach a willing audience. For some pontificators, this medium is the parable; for others, the poem; for still others, the essay. In my own case, it is the aphorism, or what Ben Franklin referred to as ‘moral sentences, prudent maxims, and wise sayings.’

I can’t recall when I first started to write them, but it had to have been over 50 years ago now. Since that early dawn, I have written, and chosen to keep, nearly 1,000 sovereign little items. You will find them in Food 4 Thought, in Beyond Chicken Soup, in Gabriel: King of Hearts, and in Poor Richard’s Lament: A Most Timely Tale. Obviously, as in the case of Franklin, I just couldn’t help myself.

What I find most fascinating about the whole thing, though, is that every time I go back to my little darlings, as I call them, after a hiatus of some length, they shout at me for more attention. “You’re not done!” they shout. “In fact, you’re never going to be done!”

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