Insanity by Way of Complexity

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Does complexity, too much complexity, lead to (or at least contribute toward) insanity? How much complexity can humans deal with without suffering a breakdown of some kind? Is there a limit? Are we currently pushing the envelope on that limit? How would we know? What would be the symptoms? I grew up in the 1940’s and 50’s when television sets had only two controls (an

Litany of Shame

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As is becoming increasingly difficult to ignore, human males have been in charge of pretty much everything over the past 400 millennia, and have pretty much made a mess of things. Let us count a few of the ways: Lusting after political and economic power Waging endless war Wielding such power over the weak and the vulnerable Inventing ever-more-lethal weapons for waging ever-more endless war

Fit for Life

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Human males are finding it increasingly difficult in the modern world to manifest their masculinity in the ways of yore –that is, with conspicuous displays of courage, command, and cunning – so they have taken to doing it in a more-indirect way, specifically by associating themselves with various symbols and surrogates of masculinity, including big, bad-ass, black-and-chrome pickup trucks. Leaving aside whether there is any


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According to a 2017 Louis Harris survey, two-thirds of American adults are unhappy. This is an astounding figure when you stop and think about it. If the goal of life is to achieve and maintain a certain level of happiness (as Thomas Jefferson would seem to imply in his famous Declaration), then the vast majority of us is missing the mark. How can this be?

Boys Must Be Boys

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Male children are no sooner able to hold objects in their hands, and make percussive sounds with their lips, than they are locked in fierce battles with all manner of villains and evil-doers. If their well-meaning parents should refuse to give their little angels a toy version of the traditional instruments of war, those same little angels will soon enough invent their own. Alas, what

Man Made

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Civilization as we know it was imagined and constructed largely by males. Arks and supertankers, lynching ropes and gas chambers, cave drawings and renaissance paintings, hovels and skyscrapers, kites and jets, Olympian gods and celestial monarchs, arithmetic and calculus, battering rams and ballistic missiles, on and on, are almost exclusively artifacts of – indeed, reflections of – the male psyche. In other words, most of

The Agony of Aloneness

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Over the past 400 millennia, human beings have imagined into reality a variety of supernatural beings to assume a variety of roles, including creator, covenant-maker, savior, rule-maker, judge, parent, tribal champion, and benefactor. If you were to ascribe primary importance to a particular one of these roles, or a similar role, which one would you choose? You are standing in a debris field where your

Yin & Yang

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In his famous Autobiography, Ben Franklin proffers the following 13 virtues as ‘necessary or desirable:’ Industry Justice Frugality Moderation Order Cleanliness Resolution Tranquility Temperance Chastity Silence Humility Sincerity He does not explicitly tell us ‘necessary or desirable’ toward what end, but it is apparent from context he means ‘necessary or desirable’ toward achieving material success. Indeed, what is the aim of Industry and Frugality, either

For Whom the Bell Tolls

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Over the years, I have had occasion to pick up one or another of my three sons at the local airport. I would park in the short-term lot, meet my son in the arrival lobby, and escort him and his carry-on to my car. I would ask my son, who would be riding shotgun, to hold the ticket and a bill, usually a $5 or

Party Time

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A two-party system of governance has prevailed in America for nearly as long as there has been a system of governance. It seems to be the natural order of things, set in stone by God Himself. Who, then, in his right mind, would even think of messing with it? Well, Teddy Roosevelt for one (Bull Moose), and Ross Perot for another (Reform) – but to

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