A Valentine 4 Tommie

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When I get a little good news these days, I find myself needing to share it, as if to make it real. Please bear with me. The following review of Poor Richard's (Gluten Free) Food 4 Thought was received this Valentine's Day from Kirkus Reviews – As its title suggests, Fitzgerald’s well-designed follow-up to his Beyond Chicken Soup (2019) takes its initial cues from Poor Richard’s

Indentured Servants?

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Did Governor Ralph Northam of Virginia , a primary slave state in the day, really think he was going to get away with referring to Negro slaves as 'indentured servants?' Indentured servants! I'm beginning to think this guy is a lot dumber than racist. Anybody want to weigh in on this? Mikki?

The ‘Real’ Problem

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Global climate change is not the problem. Wealth disparity is not the problem. Degradation of the natural world is not the problem. Soil erosion is not the problem. Political instability is not the problem. Depletion of fresh water and other natural resources is not the problem. Ocean pollution and acidification is the is not the problem. Glacial melting is not the problem. Species extinction is not

A few words about Governor Northam

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First, I feel sorry for Governor Northam. He's not another Trumpite, or anything resembling such. He may in fact be a racist, but, if he is, he's likely no more racist than the rest of us lily-white folks. Question: You're white and your 4-year-old daughter has been hit by a car. She needs immediate brain surgery. There are three surgeons available: One white, one brown,

Why I Didn’t Do Xmas This Year

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No, it’s not because I’m Jewish or Muslim or Buddhist or Confucian. I’m a French-Irish ex-Catholic. And, no, it’s not because of any need to ‘put Christ back into Christ-mas. (There’s no doubt in my mind that if Jesus had any say in the matter, he’d opt out of not only doing Christmas, but being Christmas, out of sheer embarrassment.) I didn't do Christmas this


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Two predictions: The Donald will not finish his first (and only) term. The Democrats will once again shoot themselves in the foot by moving well to the left, as they did in 1972, 1984, and 1988, Remember McGovern? Mondale? Dukakis? How could we forget Dukakis?

On Humiliity

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[In honor of Ben Franklin's 313th birthday, 17 January 2019] As the author of a novel featuring Ben Franklin, I am often asked which political party Ben would affiliate with if he were to come back. The answer of course is ‘neither.’ Ben Franklin was a child of the Enlightenment. He was a free thinker. He believed in the primacy of knowledge and reason over

Rain, rain, go away…

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I was struck during a recent government shutdown by how few of the affected families appeared to have a rainy-day or emergency fund. I couldn’t help but ask myself: Wouldn’t the instinctual impulse toward self-preservation we all share tend to prevent the average family from spending to the limit of their means? If these families were indeed living “paycheck to paycheck,” as they claimed, wouldn’t

Finding Kanzus

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Not only can’t Johnny read; it turns out he can’t write, spell, punctuate, cipher, think, infer, or find Kanzus on a map, either. How did this happen? Let us count the ways: 1. Johnny was forged in a culture in which learning for learning’s sake, knowing for knowing’s sake, understanding or for understanding’s sake, has little intrinsic value. 2. Johnny was forged in a culture

Fifth Graders to the Rescue?

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Something Will Rogers might have said (to a much larger audience): “I would rather have a room full of fifth-graders in charge of all the important stuff than a chamber (pot) full of politicians.” Where’s Will Rogers when you need him?

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