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Card Set #2 Inscriptions

  1. If puffballs were to choose the most beautiful puffball of all, would they choose one round and fat, or one lean and tall?
  2. Women who fail with men seek the counsel of psychotherapists. Men who fail with women become psychotherapists.
  3. Humility is the last lesson learned, the first forgot.
  4. Anger acknowledged is information; anger acted upon, error.
  5. A single rose is an expression of love; a dozen, an admission of guilt.
  6. Being honest is like paddling upstream. It’s a helluva lot easier not to and we can’t take even a moment’s break without backsliding.
  7. Inside every adult seeking adulation is a child still coming home to an empty house.
  8. To see our children succeed, we need only give them our time. To see them fail, we need only give them our wealth.
  9. There are two ways to get out of a hole – wait for someone to come along and figure out the first; close our eyes and imagine the second.
  10. Cross-stitched into every enduring marriage is the anchor floss of an enduring friendship.
  11. A creative mind is the quill pen of a rebellious spirit.
  12. The wise farmer celebrates not when he hears thunder, but when he feels the rain.
  13. One cannot be simultaneously content and aware of what time it is.
  14. In death, the great equalizer is the casket; in life the commode.
  15. The reason we tend to prefer pets over people is because pets don’t break our hearts until the very end.
  16. Laughing one’s self to death would seem to preclude any need for a wake.
  17. Ignorance is the worst of evils for it is the witch’s brew of all others.
  18. The true leader runs not for office but from it.
  19. Arrogance is like a suit of armor; it makes us perfectly invulnerable until such time we need to relieve ourselves.
  20. Hope is the stirrup we use to climb into the saddle of each day.

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