//Beyond Chicken Soup: Toward a Life Worth All the Considerable Bother

Beyond Chicken Soup: Toward a Life Worth All the Considerable Bother


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“In clear, simple prose, readers are advised to take stock of their own lives, trust but verify the good things they get from others, and keep their focus on the important things in life. A consistently interesting if occasionally frustrating collection of inspirational thoughts.”
Kirkus Reviews

How did Tom Fitzgerald get inside my head and know exactly what I needed to be told? A thoughtful and thought-provoking book.
— Rabbi Harold Kushner, author of When Bad Things Happen to Good People

Beyond Chicken Soup is a delightfully penetrating book that lays the steps to wisdom at your feet. Reading Tom Fitzgerald is like having your own personal spiritual mentor at your side each day.
— Martin J. Wetherill, author of Eye of the Storm and You Make a Difference

“Many of us who grew up in the Boomer Era were afflicted with a sort of chronic angst. Something not quite identifiable was ever not quite right. In an earnest effort to rid ourselves of our dis-ease, we tried all manner of remedies. We took the Road Less Traveled; we nurtured our Inner Child; we cared for our Soul; we ran with the Wolves; we illumed ourselves in Celestine light; we had conversations with God; we got tight with our Guardian Angel; we cavorted with the Goddess; we embraced the latest Diet; we pursued our Soulmate; we drummed in the Woods; we went on Vision Quests; we slurped Chicken Soup – by the bucketful; we squatted with the Buddha; we sat in Sweat Lodges; we recovered our Cheese; we rebalanced our Chi; we chanted in  Sacred Chambers; we followed our Bliss; even paid the toll for the car behind us.

“Despite all these efforts, however, a sense of angst, both in ourselves and in the nation at large, would seem only to having gotten worse, as evidenced by a steady rise in such health-of-the-nation indicators as alcohol abuse, domestic violence, single motherhood,, absentee fatherhood, school shootings, road rage, teen suicide, personal debt, obesity, binge buying, clinical depression, device addiction, distracted driving, divorce, and opioid poisoning.

“Why? How could such a wealth of remedies on the one hand lead to such dismal results on the other? One possible explanation – and the premise of this yet-one-more-book-on-the-subject – is that, instead of our having been encouraged by the self-help and mental-health communities to aim the arrow of our concern a bit more toward other people, we have been encouraged to keep the arrow of our concern disproportionately aimed toward ourselves.

Seekers after the kind of life that will matter even when one is gone might want to keep one copy of this unique offering at their workplace, a second on their nightstand.

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