//Common Sense 2.0

Common Sense 2.0

A Roadmap for an Amicable Separation of the Blue States from the Red States

What right did Mr. Lincoln have to prevent the South from breaking away from the Union in 1861? Was it the same right George III had to prevent the American colonies from breaking away from the Empire in 1776?

Consider in this regard the deep divides that exist today between roughly the same demographics of 150 years ago, over such issues as global climate change, abortion, school prayer, immigration, creationism, big government, compromise, social safety nets, environmental degradation, fracking, minimum wage, regulation, gay marriage, euthanasia, trickle-down economics, gun control, Common Core, and American Exceptionalism, to name some of the more obvious issues.

Might these deep divides, in fact, represent irreconcilable differences? Might it be time to say good-bye: the Blue States to the Red States; the Red States to the Blue States?


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