//Richard the Poorer’s (Gluten Free) Food 4 Thought

Richard the Poorer’s (Gluten Free) Food 4 Thought


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As its title suggests, Fitzgerald’s well-designed follow-up to his Beyond Chicken Soup (2019) takes its initial cues from Poor Richard’s Almanack, collecting the author’s wisdom and gentle humor on a wide variety of topics, ranging from ethics and morality to God to loneliness to sports. The author shifts easily from a tone of jocularity to one of serious concentration and back… The tone adopted throughout is that of inviting conversation; readers seeking practical reminders of everyday wisdom will doubtless respond. A friendly, all-purpose compendium of thought-provoking intellectual odds and ends. 
Kirkus Reviews

The wisdom in this unique offering will help guide and nourish you.
 Bernie S. Siegel, MD, author of Love, Medicine and Miracles and Prescriptions for Living

Bread fills the belly; wisdom fills the mind; together they feed the soul. Tom Fitzgerald’s Richard the Poorer’s Food 4 Thought is soul food like no other. I love this book
— Rabbi Dr. Rami, author of Recovery, the Sacred Art

Richard the Poorer’s Food 4 Thought is a smorgasbord of thoughts and ideas carefully crafted to stimulate cogitation on all manner of topics and issues. For those cogitators who prefer snacky or hors-d’oeurvey kinds of fare in this regard, Food 4 Thought offers 880 bite-sized morsels in the form of what Ben Franklin referred to as ‘moral sentences, prudent maxims, and wise sayings.’ These tidy tidbits fall into 57 categories ranging from Anger to Men & Women to Hope & Happiness to Work & Career.

“For those cogitators who prefer a little heftier fare, Food 4 Thought offers 69 mini-essays on a wide range of topics, from courtship to the state of manhood in America to the real cause behind the obesity pandemic. These ‘Buns & Biscuits,’ as they are herein referred, are a page or less in length and are meant to be partaken of one or two at a time. For those cogitators who prefer something heftier still, Food 4 Thought offers several hardy entrées. Rounding out Food 4 Thought’s salivating fare are several exotic confectionaries.

“Bon appétit!”

A must-have volume for the loo!

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