Kingsley Books is deeply committed to promoting and disseminating ideas. The primary means we use in this regard is the printed word, but we also make liberal use of the spoken word. The latter medium, we find, complements the print medium, often in unexpected ways, by fostering a dynamism and spontaneity the print medium simply cannot match. Kingsley Books currently offers the following author-led discussions:


How long does a typical Talk last?2018-09-04T12:16:13+00:00

A typical talk consists of a 50-minute presentation, plus a 10 to 15-minute Q&A session.  It is not unusual for Q&A sessions to run late. The latter is strongly encouraged.

You’re in North Kingston, RI. How far are you willing to travel?2018-09-04T12:14:47+00:00

There is no limit on travel distance if reasonable travel expenses are reimbursed.

Do we need to provide AV equipment for your presentation? If so, what?2018-07-14T19:09:39+00:00

AV equipment is sometimes used if available. However, none of the talks requires any special equipment.

What is the difference between a Talk and a Workshop?2018-09-04T12:11:36+00:00

Talks are typically one hour in duration and include audience participation largely by way of Q&A sessions. Workshops are typically 3 hours in duration and facilitate audience participation by way of hands-on projects. A typical workshop has 3 components: idea presentation (food for thought); idea analysis; and idea action.

Tom Fitzgerald

Tom Fitzgerald

The presenter, Tom Fitzgerald, led a Huckleberry Finn childhood along the St. Lawrence River before undertaking formal studies in physics, mathematics, law, industrial management, and English. In a career for which the word ‘eclectic’ would seem to have been coined, Tom has served as a purveyor of home-study courses, a vocational counselor for adults and children with developmental disabilities, an instructor of mathematics and economics, a stockbroker, the assistant to the president of a large health-care corporation, a lobbyist, a technical writer, a mid-level manager, and a documentation consultant.

Tom served as a Navy UDT/SEAL during the Vietnam War, and has swum several long distances, including across the eastern end of Lake Ontario, a distance longer (and colder) than the English Channel. Once also an avid runner, Tom ran the Boston Marathon three times before a fall on black ice abruptly ended a life-long addiction to endorphins.