//The Problem with Men

The Problem with Men

As has become increasingly difficult to deny, human males have been in charge of pretty much everything over the past 200 millennia and have pretty much screwed everything up. Let us count the ways –

  • Lusting after political and economic power
  • Wielding such power over the weak and the vulnerable
  • Waging endless war
  • Inventing ever-more-lethal weapons for waging ever-more endless war
  • Canonizing expediency
  • Marginalizing and mistreating women
  • Pushing innumerable species into extinction
  • Inventing homophobic and misogynist religions
  • Carrying on mindless ‘blood feuds’
  • Condoning ‘honor killings’
  • Allowing millions of children to perish of starvation and preventable disease
  • Normalizing rape
  • Degrading and despoiling the natural world
  • Begetting and abandoning legions of ‘fatherless’ children

The problem, given the consistency of this sad legacy, not to mention its enormity, would appear to be inherent to the Y chromosome, which, although puny in size relative to its Queen Bee counterpart, the X chromosome, would appear to be predisposed toward wreaking havoc upon all “the fish of the sea,…the fowl of the air, and…every living thing that moveth upon the earth.”

This predisposition likely owes to a certain set of genes on the Y chromosome that, as in the case of the Marx Brothers, not to mention the Three Stooges, have a strong tendency to feed off each other. Here are perhaps the best known of these:

  • The Blow Shit Up Gene
  • The Lust for Power Gene
  • The Swagger Gene
  • The Clicker Gene
  • The Win at Any Price Gene
  • The Big-Ass Pickup Truck Gene
  • The It’s Always the Other Guy’s Fault Gene
  • The Never Ask for Help Gene
  • The Never Apologize Gene
  • The Get Drunk and Act Like a Complete Ass Gene
  • The Know-It-All Gene
  • The Second Amendment Gene
  • The No Shrinks, No Way Gene
  • The Ogle (Up and Down) Gene
  • The Escape from Paternal Responsibility Gene
  • The Blow-Hard Gene
  • The Puffed-Up Gene
  • The Never Ask for Directions Gene
  • The Get Even with the Sons o’ Bitches Gene
  • And – the biggest and baddest of them all – the War Gene
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