//The ‘Real’ Problem

The ‘Real’ Problem

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Global climate change is not the problem. Wealth disparity is not the problem. Degradation of the natural world is not the problem. Soil erosion is not the problem. Political instability is not the problem. Depletion of fresh water and other natural resources is not the problem. Ocean pollution and acidification is the is not the problem. Glacial melting is not the problem. Species extinction is not the problem. You name it and it is not the problem.

In 1850, at about the time the Industrial Revolution took off in earnest, the world population was approximately 1,200,000,000. In less than 200 years, that number has increased 542% to a total of 7,700,000,000.

The ‘real’ problem is there are too many people in the world. The enormity of this problem, the scale of it, has reached a tipping point from which there is no going back. Alas, within only a few hundred years, human beings will cease to exist on this planet. .

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  1. Barry Cook February 9, 2019 at 9:19 pm - Reply

    We may be the first species on this planet to engineer our own extinction (along with plenty of collateral damage.). But perhaps our population explosion is nature’s way of encouraging space colonization.
    Biologically, as multicellular organisms, we are not adapted to the rigors of long distance space travel, but our robotic representatives may sprinkle samples of our DNA elsewhere to extend our ability to soil the environment throughout the universe.
    Or, a less ambitious solution would be population reduction followed by population regulation. If this sounds like an assault on our reproductive freedom, it should be compared to the effect of extinction on that charming urge.
    Remember the good old days when we had plagues and starvation to keep population in check? We still have those checks and balances. But as an “intelligent” species, maybe we could come up with a better way.

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