//When We Were Children

When We Were Children

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When we were children, many of us took great comfort in knowing that no matter how bad the scary things in our lives got, someone in authority – the U.S. Government, the Church, some of those really smart people out there – would step in and make everything all right. All we had to do, on our part, was simply have faith. We didn’t need to take in any new information, think about anything, or understand anything. We only needed to be children. What about now?

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  1. Dori Hale October 21, 2018 at 1:22 am - Reply

    Funny, I’m not sure I felt that way. I don’t think I felt protected or that people in authority could make things all right. For instance, I was scared that my father would have to be in the Korean war; I was scared of lots of things in my mind that I couldn’t talk about; I was scared that people I loved would die. Are there really kids who think they “only need to be children?” I thought it was very important to take in new information and think about things.

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