//Why the Catholic Church Will Not Change

Why the Catholic Church Will Not Change

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There are two types of religion in the world: Respectful (we don’t know all the answers), and coercive (we know all the answers). Catholicism is of the coercive type. It survives (even thrives) through flagrant use of fear and intimidation. One example is all that’s needed to bring home the point.

Consider Michelangelo’s ‘Judgment Day’ fresco on the rear wall of the Sistine Chapel. Take a close look. Jesus, loving savior of the world, is front and center, casting hapless souls into the abyss. He is not alone. Also front and center is Mary, his ‘mother,’ who is reposed immediately to her son’s right, in the traditional seat of honor.

Message? Look what’s going to happen to you, bucko, if you are not obedient to the Church and its teachings. No one will save you, not even the only female in this masterful tableau of horror and cruelty. (Question: How is public exposure of this kind of fear-mongering crap to children not tantamount to child abuse?)


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  1. Dori Hale February 27, 2019 at 8:53 pm - Reply

    Thank God for Martin Luther.

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